Saturday, March 21, 2009

I don't get it

Let me start by saying I am tired of sugar coating things and have decided it's best if I just tell things like they are from now on.

There's this slutty person (I can't call her a lady because she is hardly that) who thinks she is the total sh*t. Actually, I think she might smell like sh*t, but that's beside the point. What she has is nothing spectacular it's just that she gives it freely; that is why she's in such "demand".

Which brings me to something else... If a piece of a** is literally everywhere, then why would ANY guy trade cigarettes for a blow job?

Ok, so I tend to get sidetracked. Where was I? Oh yeah, stinky, Greek, Ho.
This chick obviously cannot feel the cold wind blowing on her a** crack. It's not just a little crack showing, it's something like five inches. I swear it's big enough to set a soda can in. And, the reason I stare is because I can't help but wonder how long is that crack? I mean, that must be one long a** and there is nothing fancy about it, let me tell you. Her a** makes raw hamburger meat look attractive.

I guess it's just a great big advertisement saying "Hey! I'll suck you off for cigarettes!!" And she swings both ways, which means she will munch some carpet for meth, too.

You see, this is one ugly, nasty biotch. She drives a piece of sh*t car, lives in her mother's piece of sh*t apartment, dresses like a piece of sh*t, and has pieces of sh*t for friends. Come to think of it, that's putting it nicely-an actual piece of sh*t would be pi**ed for putting it in the same category.

Now, I have to go erase my memory and vomit because these thoughts are making me feel like blowing chunks.

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