Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Never again

You took advange of my weakness and my trust, all the while knowing the end result. Not that you really even knew anything about me.

You delighted as I put pen to paper; knowing my conscience was masked by inner demons. I blame you. You think you closed the door permanently.

Revenge is searching for you. It knows who you truly damaged. When it finds you, I hope it brings you to near death and rescusitates you repeatedly. Only then will you understand how others feel in your presence.

Even though I traded you for another set of problems, I applaude you. Thank you for the lesson. Thank you. The door has been re-opened and you will never close it again.

Now go do the world a favor and suffocate yourself. I won't waste my spit on your grave.


  1. That's deep yo. Not sure what else I should say, or even say anything. lol I do hope, however, that everything it ok on your end.

    Remind me to never piss you off! :)

  2. Oh everything is perfect on my end. That was the past.
    No one could possibly piss me off like that again, lol.

  3. I've had feelings like that in the past - the terrible thing is she probably felt the same way about me.

  4. I am sure this kind of thing is a two way street.